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The Reality Check Of Sugarcane Economics Starting To Hit Home

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A weekend topic starting with the Los Angeles Times in California. “You’d be forgiven for passing this utterly unimpressive 1,800-square-foot house without a second look, but for decades it was everything to a large family headed by two immigrants who bought it fresh off the boat from Norway (and yes, it was a boat) for $8,500 in 1954. Today, that house — the one that reeked of cigarette smoke and stiff coffee, with a linoleum kitchen floor, earth-toned walls (or maybe the lighting was just awful) and a shoebox-like addition that heated up to low-oven temperature in the summer — would sell for $1.4 million.”

“The absurdity of the situation should be clear: Two generations ago, a (white) immigrant couple could arrive in Los Angeles and soon…

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